Monday, February 25, 2013

Bruxelles, Voici Onze [One Day, Three Countries]

Europe is quite small.  In one day, we had lunch in Germany, coffee in the Netherlands, and dinner back in Belgium.

Disclaimer: a great amount of what we did would have been impossible without the aid of a car.  We got that covered by making friends with a very awesome, kinda nutty Belgian and an amazing Greek DJ.

First stop was Monschau, Germany.  Google it. It LITERALLY looks like Belle's village in the Disney movie (Beauty and the Beast, the Little Town song).  But it was good fun.  The Beatles were blasted, there was some nice scenery and we even had a few crazy detours (thanks to GPS and traffic around Liege).

But... Here are a few pictures!

I'm at the border of Germany, and cold.

Flatmates in Germany! 

Like I said, Belle's village...

...with "Tradition".
We had a nice lunch inside a hotel, which had an adorable little French Bulldog... 

After that, we headed towards Aachen.  Or rather, the plan was to drive to Aachen, but we changed course.   Also, let it be noted that Rach and I were being teased for being tourists (and yes, I was walking at a snail's pace because I was taking pictures).  However, the guys got in on the picture taking!  

We got to the Netherlands, which for a first impression weren't particularly awesome.  It's kinda just... flat.  

I'm still cold. 
We headed to a tourist spot, where Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands all meet.  It was pretty cool, even if it was empty.  Afterwards, the other three decide to let out their inner child on the playground.

On the plus side, I'm in three countries at once!
Afterwards, I fell asleep on the ride back and just stayed in.  Which means: video montage!

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