Monday, March 4, 2013

Bruxelles, C'est Douze [Luxembourg in a Day]

Luxembourg.  A very small, very rich, very hockey obsessed country.  But seriously, when I walked out of the train station, almost everyone that I saw had hockey skates.

I went the 23rd of February, so I do apologize for the lateness of this post.  Midterms and such have been driving me up a wall!

Anyways, back to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Three hours on a train, filled with fun discussion and decision making.  It was Rach, me and three of our guy friends.  The guys got lucky when they bought their tickets: 87 euros for three (turns out there's a discount for groups of three or more traveling together, but you have to leave and return together). When we got to Luxembourg, the guys had to find their hotel (side note: it was... um... located across from a "gentleman's club").  Rach and I went with them, but we had already decided that we were only going to stay for the day.

After that, we had lunch.  Take hungry girls and guys, who have different food preferences.  Throw in wind and snow.  Add a twenty minute walk to the center of town.

We had a nice lunch at Paul, then tried to go visit the casemates (underground tunnels that link the city together).  Unfortunately, they're only open in the summer.  There was still snow and wind when we found the tourist's office and grabbed a map.

We wandered through the shopping district (there was much excitement over the Gucci store), visited the Church of Notre Dame (there was a service in Luxembourgish, which is actually a language), and visited a bar called The Tube (it looked exactly like a Tube station in England, and there was a rugby match on).

It was an amusing day, even if we were told: "Well, yeah, that's basically all of Luxembourg."

Part of an art gallery that we wandered past.

There was quite a lot of graffiti!

Everyone was a goofball!

In the shopping district, there was a green cow.  How now?

The local beer that I tried was good. Not great, but good.

The outside of the train station at night...

...and the inside.

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