Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bruxelles [Clubbing and Bar Hopping, Oh Boy...]

I'm completely in love with Belgium right now. Brussels, Europe, it's basically a massive playground. And I want to stay here for a really long time. That's kind of why I'm looking for a job here.

Apart from that, my days have been filled with homework and classes, the usual ho-hum doldrums of any uni student.  Papers, a few presentations and group projects make me feel like I'm back in freshman year all over again, like I haven't done anything with my life.

My weekends though...

Let's just say that I've been having a blast.

I've been to quite a few clubs, done my fair share of traveling, and have managed to let myself... relax.

To be honest, I miss Morocco.  I miss the constant call to prayer, the reminder throughout the day.  I miss being able to walk by the ocean and on the beach.  I miss the chaos of the medina and the taste of too-sweet mint tea.

But I love the...freedom that I have here in Europe.

I love going to crazy clubs and just talking to people.  I love the student body government parties, where our UNIVERSITY DEAN basically provides a crap-ton of money for parties, and lets a few designated students basically buy tons of booze for people to enjoy.  I love trying the new beers here and even trying things that sound like a bad idea (absinthe that comes in a "bong" or a drink called Pink Elephant, with seven kinds of alcohol).

One of the clubs is gorgeous.  Spirito.  It's inside an old church, which they basically just remodeled into a massive, beautiful (and freaking expensive) club.  I got in because I knew someone who was joining a group of people who were going to celebrate a birthday party.  They bought bottles. And booked tables.  Oh boy.

I think my  favorite bar right now is one called Delirium.  Yes, it's a huge tourist attraction.  And yes, it's a bit pricey for beer.  But honestly, where else would you get to try passion fruit beer, cactus beer and a beer called Pink Killer?

I've gone out a couple times to a tiny club called avenue.  And yes, it's avenue.  I'm so official, I even have a member's card!  But anyways, ladies' nights are 10 euro entrance and free drinks all night long.  The guys have to pay 50 euros (sorry guys)!

I went to a very awesome party with my flatmate.  We were invited by these two guys that we met awhile back, for a birthday party.  Basically, there was a masquerade in a gallery, in a monument, in a gorgeous park.  Apparently, the guy just throws parties there when he feels like it.

There's also a great club called Gotha, which is similar to Spirito.  We went a little too early (12:30 or 1 in the morning), but we still had a good time.  The DJ's choice was... interesting.  Side note: my flatmate and I were the ONLY girls wearing tights. And no heels.  We were still taller than most girls.

We're also on the facebook page now? Mkay, cool.

In short, with all of this going out experience, I've learned a few things:

  1. Beer pong and drinking games happen all the time, no matter what people think about Europeans being classy with their booze.  I've played more drinking games than I should or have ever.  King's Cup also seems to be a popular choice.
  2. The bars around here are great. Really great.  Fantastic even.  You don't have to go to a club or anything like that when you could be perfectly content drinking a beer in a bar that has great music.
  3. Most people don't really go out until late.  Two in the morning is a great starting time.  Pre-gaming is advised, especially since drinks in clubs can get pricey.
  4. Going out is expensive (see 3).  But if you go out, you GO OUT.  I've seen more girls navigating the cobblestone roads in heels than I have seen in flats.  It's crazy.
  5. My tolerance is basically gone (two Belgian beers and I'm out of it), my wallet pretty much despises me, and I didn't bring the right clothes to party hard.  Oops?

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