Monday, February 18, 2013

Bruxelles: Welcome to the Carneval

Carnival, Carnivale, Carneval is HUGE.  Granted, the largest celebration is in Sydney, Australia (who knew, because I didn't) and most people think of Rio's huge party scene or Venice's masks.

There were also girls with Red Bull backpacks.

But Binche (pronounced buh-EHN-che) is unique.  Their carnivale celebration was named a UNESCO World Heritage Event in 2003.  That essentially translates into two things: it's considered culturally significant, and there are going to be a lot of tourists.

At the tourism center, Rach was having fun.

I thought the one on my right was staring...

At the same time, it was fun and amazing to drink hot wine, watch the crowds, and have some very Belgium frites.  We tried the ones with samourai sauce (a spicier version of the cocktail sauce we've been having).

The costumes were adorable, especially on the kids.

Even the balconies were packed.

How people wanted attention (and oranges)!
The white fluff is a hat that can ONLY be worn in Binche.
Adults clamored for oranges
(and yes, that was an umbrella being used as a bucket).

Rach's bag was filled.

Some of the orange porters got to take a rest during the parade.

And it's not a party until someone gets arrested.

 And finally, a short video of the craziness I captured.

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