Tuesday, January 8, 2013

China Moments [第三册]

Here's a very important thing you HAVE to realize: China is filled with people.  There are days when you are going to stand on a subway and mutter under your breath, feeling like canned sardines, squished and compressed against each other, with little air conditioning.  There are days when you see a single seat on a bus and want to dive, throw yourself onto it, even if you just sit for one stop.

Outdoor concerts in China are ridiculously packed with people, trash, mosquitoes...

And then, there are days, hours even, where you get lucky and get to feel ridiculously free from the human constraint.

There are lakes that are empty and clear, with nothing on the horizon but the sun...

The thing that I actually love the most about being surrounded by people in China is the madness that seems to erupt.  I'm not talking about tempers that get too short, and burn everyone in the vicinity.  I'm talking about the creative powers that no one seems to really tap until they can't help themselves.

In Beijing, there's an area called 七九八, which means 'Seven Eight Nine.'  It's also called 79Bar. It's an artist haven, getaway, forever place.  There's graffiti, sculptures, art exhibits.

Hey Che!  First China, then Morocco... Where next?

Alright, yes, Bumblebee was there.

It wasn't just this side of the bus that was painted.

The face freaked me out.  And the mug was actually tall enough to reach my waist.

79Bar is so full of art and beauty.  A friend I know would also say it's full of hipsters.  And he's right.

They're Chinese hipsters who smoke French import Gauloise cigarettes and talk about Europeans in the south.


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