Monday, January 28, 2013

Bruxelles, Cinquième [Bruges and Trips]

Friday, the 25th, was fantastic.  The thing that I like about student discounts? There are plenty of them.  My roommate and I bought round trip train tickets to Bruges for 13 euros.  We're going to get a GO Pass, which gives us 10 trips to anywhere in Belgium for 50 euros.

Back to Bruges.  It was beautiful, but I'm going to have to go back in the spring.  My impressions... So, maybe it was -2 degrees Celsius, maybe the wind was a bit nippy, and maybe I was feeling a bit under the weather.  But still, it was amazing, to be able to day trip to Bruges.

Arriving at the stationsplein (train station), you see Bruges, or Brugge.

In the middle of town square, I just thought this would be a pretty picture!

Talk about an imposing organ in a church!

Cathedrals with sunlight streaming through stained glass windows are an essential part to Europe.

While the snow stopped falling, it still looked beautiful.

Once the sunlight came out, it looked like a postcard.

Some of the canals had frozen enough that birds could hop around on top of them!

I'm not sure what a carved hummingbird is doing on a window shutter...

...or why there are drunken chocolate snowmen in a display case.

This is the infamous beer wall in Bruges.  Look for it at 2BE , a shop on Wollenstraat.

In between having a moka (basically, espresso) that fit in the palm of my hand, feeling sharp gusts of wind, and wandering around town, Rach and I decided that we weren't feeling up to climbing the belfry.  Or, as Rach said, "I can already feel the muscle cramps!"  We'll go back in spring, when the canals have unfrozen, to take a boat ride around, and to finally climb that belfry.

But this weekend, I might go to the Black Forest (even though it's a six-hour train ride), run off to Gent, or see diamonds in Antwerp. Luxembourg's definitely a possibility later on.

And I'm looking forward to Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin!

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