Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bruxelles, Troisième [O, These Pretty Things]

I'm literally exploding at the seams.  I love being in Europe, but my toes freeze when I walk in the snow, and the wind chaps my face.  Classrooms are such a huge change after working in the field and my fingers twitch from the sharp incline in prices.  I'm also having fun taking pictures!

The Brooding Soldier is an interesting monument.

It reads as unknown Cheshire, Australian, Yorkshire and Leicester soldiers.

Madame Dufrasne's delicious apple and raisin tart.

Louis, the cat, believes that the heaters were installed just for him.

There's a little "Oriental Pastry" store, that sells sweets like those I had in Morocco.

Speculos ice cream is delicious. I'll have to buy currant sauce for when I go back.

Madame Dufrasne made croquettes du frommage, with a fryer she bought just for us!

It's dreadfully foggy and overcast today, but still, I love the view.

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