Thursday, January 3, 2013

China Moments [第二册]

My China itinerary was planned somewhat along these lines:

Mother: Sweetie, you need a break. You're working too hard.
Me: [looking like death] Alright...
Mother: You know your internship?  Well, it got cancelled. So, I called some friends to help you around China! Just fill out this visa.
Me: [blinks] ....WHAT?!

To explain, I had just come off a semester of a full 18-hour-course-load, taking a 20-hour per week internship, doing 5-7 hours a week in a psychology lab, tutoring, working as entertainment producer for our student television program, contributing to the student newspaper AND participating in three different student  clubs.

I then decided to spend my summer doing some biology research, taking a summer course and continuing my 20-hour per week internship.

Of course, my mother (bless her heart) somehow took this to mean that I was working myself too thin.  And decided to do what mothers do best: (s)mother me with love.

Originally, I was going to China to do an internship.  The paperwork had been filled out, I was in the process of getting my visa, and I even had my ticket purchased.  But then, the position was stopped. Finished. Paused.  Insert bureaucracy that I cannot understand.

Of course, my mother filled in the blanks. Why not use the time to decompress?  After all, the ticket HAD been bought.  There was just a small matter of getting a tourist visa.  So, she called some friends.  The recommendations came in.  She created a list.

1. Beijing
2. Nanjing
3. Hangzhou
4. Shanxi
5. Shanghai

And that is how I ended up heading to Beijing, China.

My cousin and I decided that we'd do something touristy.  We took a rickshaw tour. 

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