Friday, May 10, 2013

Poetic License

I'll be updating my blog later on, but due to technical difficulties (my camera seems to be broken, and my smartphone is uploading photographs quite slowly), enjoy a written piece of work for now!

Vous m'avez dit,
            (we whispered secrets when we were younger, but now)
                        le monde n'existe que dans ma tête, sur mes rêves, sans explications
                                    (I wonder if the things we never said have a heavier weight)
                        je ne vous ai pas cru
            (as if they could hang around our necks, impede us like a Pilgrim's Progress)
mais maintenant, j'ai tout compris
            (it is another's duty to bring these words forth)
                        bien que les écrivains ne pourraient pas plus être plein d'esprit
                                    (after all, a pun of mei, mei, mei, means none, beautiful, every)
                                                [没人, 美人, 每人]
                                                [no person, beautiful person, every person]
les langues me moquent, et j'ai rien compris.
            (I can imagine your lips curled in some bizarre smirk)
                        [于是你和我, 语言和雨眼]
                        [yu shi ni he wo, yu yan he yu yan]
                        [therefore, it is you and me, language and rainy eyes]
(There is something saddening when  jokes only make sense in the language of
If I could, then I would RISE
            (je resterai en pointe)
                        on tip-toe with  fingers outstretched
            (dans la direction du soleil)
just so that 
I could wander
            (in wonder)
                        into this building, with all the neat and tidy rows
                                    (of languages and fonts, too STILTED and NOT MY OWN)
                                                of baggage and luggage and crates
                                    (they look with disdain)
                        that are stacked and loaded on slats half-broken
            (I have spoken too much, too soon, too loud)
and reach forth, to grasp a hand(le) and move onto another destination
            (rules and books can't prepare you for the unknown, when even they don't  know)

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