Sunday, December 2, 2012

Study Abroad: Part 26 [To Run Away, but for a day]

It's December and I'm a horrible person. Not really. But kinda.  I'm desperately trying to procrastinate on this final project because I am DEAD worried... It's taking a very long time to come together and I need to take a break.

So, my plan is to run away (for a day).  Day trip anyone?

The first place I'm thinking of is Chellah.  Chellah refers to a city of ruins are near Rabat, actually located across the riverbank at Sale.  Every year, the Jazz of Chellah music festival takes place there.  The cemetery has a few interesting tidbits and legends associated with it. Also, it's close, my friends have made it sound interesting to me, and I honestly just need to get out of the city.

The second place I'm considering is Volubilis.  It's an ancient Roman city near Meknes that is partially excavated.  Yeah, it's more ruins.  Yeah, it's kinda far.  But what makes it interesting to me is two-fold: it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Arch of Caracalla is the most notable structure in the city.  Google it for some more history.

I would go to El Jadida.  It's only about two hours away from Rabat, and it's on the beach, which makes it seem very pretty.  At the same time though, the water is freezing cold (we're in the middle of winter and the rainy season in Morocco), and I have a feeling that the rain is probably going to come down hard soon.

At the same time though, I might just stay in Rabat.

The places that I hang out at are so much fun.  Granted, they're all in Agdal, which is the more European and expensive part of town.

Bert's has good cheesecake (for 23 dirhams), and the gingerbread latte (21 dirhams) is definitely one of my favorite hot drinks.  The atmosphere is kind of loud at night, but during the day, it's a great place to study.  They even have sandwiches in case you get hungry.

When I want something else sweet, I go to Chez Paul.  It's fancy French, but the chocolate desserts are to die for.  Literally.  I have had raspberry macarons, tried the gelato, and even had their chocolate torte.  They have their own bakery, and they're going to try making cupcakes soon. I hope I get a chance to try them before I leave!

[Side note: I found cupcakes (REAL CUPCAKES) in Casablanca.  The store is called "J'adore Cupcakes", located inside the Twin Centers, and even has mini-cheesecakes.]

The Casablanca (vanilla-vanilla and a gummy heart on top) cupcake, and the mini-cheesecakes.

Upstairs is an Irish pub/bar, located on Avenue Michliffen, has this drink that I really like, called VK Apple (Vodka Kick) that tastes like Smirnoff Apple.  It also has great rock music and this live band on Fridays.

When I want to dance, it's either Yakout's, which has a ton of reggae and is a bar/dance floor, or Amnesia, which is a full-blown club that I would expect to see in a place like New York.

But, to be completely honest, my favorite place is probably Le Cotton Club. Ohmyfreakinggawwwd. I love this place.  It's classy, but also kla$$y.  This is where I tried sambuca for the first time.  This is live music, hot dogs, and where I met most of my Moroccan friends.  Honestly, I love this place.

So, who knows.  I might run away for a day, or I might stay my last week in Rabat and finish up this project.

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