Monday, October 8, 2012

Study Abroad: Part 9 [Jokes, Pizza and Bowling]

This weekend was great. It was the perfect way to de-stress after the excursion, especially just by relaxing a bit.

On Saturday (Sept. 26), I went to Marjane with a friend.  The goal: wander the seemingly endless aisles of Marjane, and then get Pizza Hut.  I haven't really been homesick, but I have been craving random foods.  I miss pizza, Chinese stir-fry (and I mean authentic Chinese stir-fry.  Not Panda Express, not crap that comes out of a styrofoam cup.  But I digress.), tacos, and curry.

Marjane was definitely interesting: in between finding an aisle of eggs that were not refrigerated, watching two guys hit on the salesgirl in cosmetics, and seriously contemplating buying a "cheesecake" (just because it's one of those things we miss), we had fun.  We found a Sophie doll, found out that there are caramel Oreos, and bought Nutella (well, she did... I had a juice box).

I was definitely a skeptic... But adding a glass of milk? Sooo good.

The building is set up so that you not only have Marjane, but a whole slew of other stores.  Bigdil is similar to Claire's, there are a couple stores focused on selling perfume and some makeup products, and then there's the Inwi store (similar to Sprint, Verizon or whatever).

Pizza Hut was kinda, pretty much, awesome.  The weather was being spastic, so we sat, drank sodas, and enjoyed our pepperoni pizza with cheese crust.  It tasted almost exactly like we thought it would.  Pizza Hut was a fancy joint: most people looked well dressed, and prices on the menu were basically the same as McDonald's prices, starting around 35dh (which can cost twice a person's daily wage, and, as was told to us by the center director, is a "very expensive date").

Sunday involved bowling.  Bowling in Rabat is a bit different. First, we had to pile into the white grand taxis (which can take four or more people) in order to get to the MegaMall.  Four people in the backseat of a grand taxi is not the most comfortable situation, the MegaMall looks like any generic mall in the States (with a couple of levels), and everyone got very excited when we saw a sign for TexMex. 

Bowling meant that we walked to the food court (located on the bottom of the mall), paid 15dh to enter (which also included a free drink), and spent 45dh on the game (20 frames, with shoe rental).  The music that was blasting was all-American: Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, rap, pop, hip-hop.

Afterwards, there was Dominos pizza and cheesy bread.  Oh yeah.

And just for the record: my team won. :)

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